Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

When we say we are proud to be a family-owned-and-operated business here at Performers Flooring & Design Gallery we aren't just talking about how John, our CEO, and his family have been working together for 20+ years. We mean that the team of people who are working to provide you with the best flooring experience possible are a family too!

Combined, there are over 100+ years of flooring industry experience in the Performers family. Our family values the same things your does; honesty, strong work ethic, competitively priced products, and a passion fueling our every move.   

Meet John

John started Performers  Flooring in 1978 out of his aunt's garage. 39 years later, he works with his wife and daughter as a successful first-generation business owner! During the week you can catch John in the showroom with customers, and when he's not in the office you can catch him spending time with his wife, Koni, and their two kids- Lexie & Johnny. 

 Meet Jerry

Jerry has been with the Performers team since the beginning- and is now our Tile Superintendent. Jerry has been in the flooring industry for most of his life and as such, serves as a massive resource for our team. He oversees all tile projects and manages multiple installation crews. As a superintendent, Jerry is certified both expert & professional wood sanding & refinishing, as well as all tile installation protocols.

 Meet Tim

Tim is our sales manager and has worked in the flooring industry for upwards of 45 years. He is experienced and well versed in sales, installation, and all of the products we carry at Performers. Tim is a Dad and Grandpa, and when he isn't in the office you can find him spending time with his family and grandkids!


Meet Kevin K.

Kevin K. is on the sales team here at Performers. He is one of our go-to designers for tile, especially backsplashes. His knowledge and expertise on almost all of the products in our showroom make him a wealth of knowledge.

Meet Lisa

Lisa is the glue that holds our office together! She is our Office & Accounts Manager. She has been a part of the Performers family since 1993.

 Meet Jim 

Jim is on our sales team here at Performers. He is well versed in our products, installations, and all things flooring! 

 Meet Mitch 

Mitch has been in the flooring industry for 30+ years. He started as an installer and is now the Project Manager here at Performers. Mitch is an integral part of operations due to his skill level and overall knowledge of both floor covering materials & installation processes.

Meet Roland

Roland is our Lead Insurance Salesman. He has been with Performers for 10+ years and is Lead Repair & Renovation certified. He is also an NWFA certified Wood Refinisher. 

Meet Stan

Stan is our hardwood Superintendent. He has been a part of the Performers team since his days as an installer. Now, as our Superintendent he is certified in Expert & Professional Hardwood Refinishing to ensure the highest quality wood installations for our customers. 

Meet Lexie 

Lexie is our Communications Coordinator. She manages marketing and & Social Media for the team. She also works very closely with Roland in the Insurance Program. Lexie has been a part of the Performers family since she could walk! Her Dad, John, wanted her involved from a young age, and now they work together every day!

Meet Niki

Niki is our Administrative Office Assistant. She handles a majority of the office responsibilities and is a point of reference for our whole team! When she isn't in her office you can occasionally catch her cooking something delicious for lunch (a treat the rest of our team particularly enjoys!)

Meet Tina

Tina is our Scheduler. She Coordinates all installations and repairs. She has worked in the flooring industry for almost 30 years and has been a part of the Performers team since 2017.

Meet Jason

Jason is our Warehouse Manager. He and the team of guys that he works with every day ensure that our installations and projects run smoothly. Jason and our warehouse team provide products, materials, and support to our crews in the field. 

Meet Kevin 

Kevin is our Operations Manager. He handles all of the tech, organizational planning & general operations within Performers. Kevin has been a part of the Performers family for 18 years.


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