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Vinyl Flooring in Bloomingdale, IL

Vinyl Flooring in Bloomingdale, IL

Turn to the area’s premier source for durable brand-name vinyl flooring from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a new floor for your home or business, you can rely on vinyl’s perfect blend of easy maintenance, versatility and style to serve as the ideal choice for an affordable renovation.

When you visit our showroom, you’ll see for yourself how much vinyl has changed over the last few years. Our store is the home to a broad selection from manufacturers whose floors accurately mimic the look of high-end flooring options, such as natural stone and hardwood. However, these new vinyl floors are not as susceptible to scratches and damage like the vinyl floors of yesteryear.

Our showroom is home to a wide variety of vinyl flooring options from the top brands in the industry. Each brand features a broad range of choices, such as: price, color, warranty, installation, appearance, type, edge and style. Depending on the budget and specific needs of your flooring project, our flooring professionals will guide you toward the proper choice that meets your exact needs. We carry styles from the following designers and manufacturers:

  • Downs™
  • Downs H20™
  • Naturcor™
  • PURstone™
  • Spotlight Values™

Stylish & Low Maintenance Vinyl Options

For low-maintenance floors that reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning, choose vinyl sheet flooring for your next project. Thanks to recent strides in manufacturing technology, vinyl sheet floors feature a layer of protection that is designed to resist stains and other forms of damage. This increased durability ensures the prolonged lifespan of your floor, which means you get the most for your time and money.

The durable nature of vinyl tile flooring makes it a perfect solution for families who have children, pets or heavy foot traffic that creates extensive wear and tear on floors. Unlike its flooring counterparts, vinyl stands up against the test of time with an ability to resist permanent damage from spills, sticky messes, scratches, gouges and daily use. It also endures pressure that would crack or break other natural stone tile floors. So, you can have the look of stone without the worry. Combined with its affordability, the durability of vinyl has established it as one of the most popular options among our valued customers. Visit our showroom today to see how we can make your life easier through less maintenance and reduced stress. Learn how you can live without the unnecessary frustration of constantly cleaning your floors or worrying about stains when you choose vinyl tile flooring for your home or business.

Vinyl floors now feature endless design possibilities as a result of modern technological advancements in digital printing, which means that the style of your commercial or residential flooring project is limited only by your imagination. Get the look you’ve always wanted for your home or business for a lower price than ever before with the vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring at our showroom.

Whether you want the slick look of dark, contemporary hardwood or the soft appearance of light-colored, traditional porcelain tile, our vinyl floors can meet your decorating needs. Make sure to take advantage of a complimentary consultation from one of our flooring experts to find the right flooring for your home or business. By combining our expertise with your vision, you can be confident that your flooring choice will be exactly what you have in mind.

Depend on Our Professionals for Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl flooring installation and manufacturing techniques have evolved over time. This progress has made vinyl a more versatile flooring option than ever before, and also makes it a more convincing alternative to wood and tile. In turn, this makes your shopping experience much easier when you want to find the ideal design that matches your existing décor. In addition to our selection of vinyl sheet flooring, all of the brands that our store carries provide vinyl in the form of plank and tile floors, making for an even more realistic appearance for fans of hardwood, stone or porcelain tile.

Browse our extensive flooring inventory to take advantage of vinyl’s durability, reduced maintenance, and low price tag in any color or pattern that you like. You can count on our professionally trained team of flooring technicians to offer prompt and meticulous vinyl flooring installation with every service we provide. As a result of our thorough knowledge of flooring, professional experience and technical qualifications, we offer top-notch services with lasting results. We also ensure that you keep your warranty intact with installations that are guaranteed to deliver long-lasting looks and performance for many years to come.

With modifications to the manufacturing process, vinyl plank flooring blend seamlessly together to create a perfect floor when installed by our professional technicians. Vinyl floors can also be installed far more easily than their costlier counterparts, saving you both time and money when you choose us as your comprehensive flooring source. It is also equally easy to uninstall when you decide to replace your vinyl floor or upgrade to a different kind of flooring. If you are not completely satisfied with our installation of your new 4-Star of 5-Star vinyl floor, then we’ll replace it at no additional cost. 


Contact us to learn more about our vinyl floors. We proudly serve customers throughout Bloomingdale, IL, and the surrounding areas.

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